Current Projects

Energy Industry

Lopez and Associates, Inc., recently redesigned the entire selection system for entry level utility workers at a major metropolitan utility company. In the past, each operating unit within the company had used their own selection system for entry-level positions. This practice, albeit methodologically sound, was quite expensive.
Lopez and Associates, Inc., being very familiar with the corporate culture, industry climate, and positional requirements suggested that a universal selection system be implemented to leverage cross functionalities between operating groups and to increase economies of scale. One facet of this selection system included the development of a common aptitude battery. After an applicant completes the aptitude battery, she or he is directed to continue the selection process in various operating areas based on his/her unique talents, skills, and abilities.

To facilitate the construction of the aptitude battery, Lopez and Associates, Inc. tapped into its organizational expertise and archives, marshaled prior and current validity evidence, and developed new items and test sections where needed. The result was a powerful instrument that allows the company to select entry level personnel into areas where they will have the highest likelihood of both job success and personal fulfillment.

Insurance Industry

Our professional expertise was requested in defining the new role for the sales force in a national insurer. The newly defined sales role is expected to have a great impact on the company's bottom line and growth prospects for both the short and long term. Early on, it was decided that a Strategic Job Analysis (SJA) would be the best method to define the new sales role. One of our primary goals is to incorporate the company's strategic vision into a new Competency Model for the sales force.

During the course of the project, the Lopez team has consulted with multiple stakeholders within the corporation, including the CEO, and also outside the corporation (clients). The purpose of these meetings was to elicit the core competencies, traits, behaviors, skills, and knowledge that are needed in the new sales force. We had to get these competencies right because this new sales force will ultimately drive the company's strategic growth for the next 5, 10, or 20 years.

The result of our Strategic Job Analysis was the development of a company specific Competency Model that will be used in the training and selection of the next generation sales force. This process is still ongoing. Lopez and Associates, Inc., is quite excited about this project's great potential for real organizational impact, so please visit us soon for a project update.