Lopez and Associates, Inc., was incorporated in New York State in 1976 to apply the best psychological techniques and programs to help business, industrial, non-profit and governmental entities make maximum use of their personnel resources.

The highly trained staff are experienced specialists in applying research, theory, and practice to solve organizational problems. They specialize in human behavior in the workplace, and most have graduate degrees in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and maintain membership in professional societies (SIOP, APA, SHRM). They recognize and understand the interdependence of people, organizations and society. They deal with the ramifications of the increase in government intervention, talent shortages, and the changing nature of the work force. These behavioral scientists and psychologists facilitate appropriate responses to the problems and issues encountered by business, public, community and international institutions.

The I/O teams of applied scientists, professionally accredited and subject to peer review, assist clients through the application of behavioral science, utilizing a high technology approach to "people problems."

These teams seek scientific solutions to the human problems that arise in the working environment. As professionals, some engage in psychological assessment as well as in personnel research, training and development. They suggest appropriate personnel policies, and participate in planning, organizational development, analysis and other related people management functions.